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In 2016 I graduated from Wimbledon College of Art with a First Class BA in Theatre Design. Since then I have been furthering my artistic development through designing my own work as well as assisting more established designers, building my network of collaborators and finding the work that I am passionate about making.

In 2019 I was the Lab Associate Designer for Nuffeild Southampton Theatres and over that year I designed their Youth Theatre shows, and created a new piece of work with the other Lab members, as well as assisting on a main house production.


In the few years since graduating WCA I have been offie nominated for my set design for Maggie May at the Finborough Theatre, I have had shows in New York, Edinburgh and Dublin, assisted on two productions at the Globe as well as designing a vast amount of other shows. This all means that I am equipped to collaborate with a diverse range of working styles, I adapt quickly to work and communicate with different groups of people, as well as being excellent at time management.

I am interested in queering the theatrical landscape; I feel an urgent need to challenge audiences' perspectives and positively contribute to the representation of minority voices through theatre, as well as interrogating what theatre is and dismantling the hierarchical and patriarchal structures within it. It is such a privilege to be given the opportunity to reach so many different people from different walks of life. As creatives we have the duty to use that platform for inciting social and political change.

I am represented my JBR Creative Management

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